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PCB with Metal Dome

Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰kom-key
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 100 / pcs
Minimum Order︰100 pcs
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Product Description

What is PCB with Metal Dome

Metal shrapnel (also known as pot or piece, metal dome, snap dome), made of ultra-thin (0.05mm-0.1mm thickness) and ultra-thick (usually high hardness) stainless steel 301 or 304 material. Metal dome is an important part of the PCB membrane switch.


They are momentary switch contacts that become normally-open tactile metal dome switch when used in conjunction with a printed circuit board (PCB).


PCB is also known as printed circuit boards because it is made by electronic printing.  A printed circuit board is a substrate for assembling electronic components and is a printed board on which a point-to-point connection and a printed component are formed on a general-purpose substrate in a predetermined metal core printed circuit board design.


Metal domes can be divided into several groups: round metal dome, triangle metal dome,  rectangular metal dome, four-leg metal dome(cross shape), square shape metal dome and other special shapes. PCB membrane switches are widely applicable. It can be applied in areas including mobile phones, diagnostic equipment, industrial controls, test equipment, and measurement equipment, etc.


Advantages of Our PCB with Metal Dome

Making smaller and thinner packages possible


Dome switch PCB with high product reliability


Low-profile and lightweight design


Membrane PCB with consistent tactile response


Actuation forces are available to meet any needs of applications


Metal dome membrane switch which is able to be used even in the rough environment




Applications Of PCB with Metal Dome

CD player


Focusing on three-dimensional assembly characteristics of flexible circuit boards and thin thickness.


The mobile phone


Easy connection of the battery, microphone, and buttons and into one. Focusing on the flexible circuit board lightweight and thin thickness. Being able to effectively save the volume of products.


Computer and LCD screen


Using the one-line configuration of thin thickness and flexible circuit boards.


Disk drives


No matter it is or diskette or the hard disk, it is dependent on FPC high softness and thickness of the 0.1 mm slim.


The latest applications


Hard disk drives (HDDs, hard disk drive) of the suspended circuit and the components of xe packaging board, etc.


What we can do in PCB products


We are one of the trustworthy metal dome switch suppliers. However, PCB assembly is also a very important component for metal dome membrane switch. To meet customers' requests and demands, we have a professional team to help the customers change the PCB circuit into a Polyester printing circuit. There are some designs with space limit which need to be changed from the Polyester circuit or flexible circuit into Double-side or Multi-layer's PCB. That's also one of the services we can provide. In addition, we can provide some PCBA services, such as solder the components and assembling metal dome and different layers' (Overlay, Spacer) in PCB.

As one of the most outstanding metal dome switch suppliers in China, we can provide you with the best price and product.

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