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Touch Panel

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Brand Name︰kom-key
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 100 / pcs
Minimum Order︰100 pcs
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Product Description

What kinds of Touch Panels Are You Looking for?

A touch panel is one of the kinds of computer display screens, which can also be called an input device. Due to the sensitivity to the pressure of the touch panel sensor, users interact with the computer by touching the objects on the screen.


Three types of touch screens are listed below:


Resistive Touch Screen:


A resistive capacitive touch screen panel is a sensor that is basically a film-plus-glass structure that converts the physical position of a touchpoint (X, Y) in a rectangular area into a voltage representing an X coordinate and a Y coordinate. Resistive custom touch screen overlay are generally more affordable but provide only 75% clarity and the layer may be damaged by sharp objects. Resistive touch screens are immune to external elements such as dust or water.


Surface Wave Touch Screen:


Surface wave technology integrates acoustics, electronics, and semiconductors into new technology. They have the advantages of small size, flexible design, mature technology, good consistency, and reliability.  Surface wave technology uses ultrasonic waves that pass over the custom capacitive touch panel. Surface wave touch screen panels are the most advanced one of the three types of screen touch panels, but they can be damaged by external elements.


Capacitive Touch Screen:


The resistive touch screen panel is constructed by placing a transparent thin-film conductor layer on the glass touch panel and adding a protective glass to the conductor layer. This double glass design completely protects the conductor layer and the inductor. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, the capacitive touch screen market has been developing rapidly.


Touch Points of the Touch Panel

Single, or Dual/Multi-Touch?

Single-touch interaction is capable of, at a lower price, realizing all the applications' goals. Gesture interaction, including, flick, slide and knead, requires dual/multiple support. Select the alternative to continue.



Single Touch Point Only

Aiming at supporting single-touch input, resistance touch screen is designed. Various types of materials are available because there is no limitation of the materials which are used for input. Besides, resistance touch screens have the advantages of mature technology, stability, high-cost competitiveness, and excellent detection accuracy.


The advantage of single-touch is that the device design space is optimized, especially for small devices, because it can "install" screens and buttons in the same area at the same time; second, because the buttons can be bound to any application in the operating system, So the "buttons" used by the device can reach an unlimited number.


Multiple Touch Point Support

The user's two hands have ten fingers, and when the users interact with each other, more fingers appear on the screen. This is the origin of the multi-touch concept of recognizing the position of a finger, which enables manipulation of more than two fingers. Projected capacitive touch screens support single or multiple touchpoints. It allows for the interaction of gestures. One point to mention is that no part of the multi touch panel physically will move at detection, and it makes the touch experience smoother and lighter (just like smart-phone).

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